2017 Meeting Trends

May 05, 2017 - Alana - business, corporate, meetings, sustainability, technology,

Valued Willow Tree Grove Customers!

This year is well under way and we thought we would take some time to share with you some noticeable trends in the event industry in 2017. Some of these trends are more prevalent than others, but the two main categories that we can see the most changes in for the remainder of the year are technology and sustainability. Technology is making its way into the industry in ways we have never seen before, and quality and sustainable features are playing an even larger role this year in the planning and execution of meetings and other events.

First up on the docket: Technology

  • Live streaming is quickly becoming the most popular resource to showcase content to a potentially extensive online audience. Live streaming allows an audience to be “in the know” with company happenings without actually being physically present at your meeting or event. Live streaming is an amazing way to build awareness to a brand, company, event or meeting while also beginning an online conversation.
  • Let’s face it, people do not silence their cellphones for anything these days nor do they store them out of sight. With more tempting smartphone technology available, attendees have a greater opportunity to connect your brand on social media. Since we can’t go anywhere without “checking in”, posting, or tweeting, having attendees connected is actually a very positive thing. Think of it this way, by having attendees stay connected, you are benefiting through free advertising and brand awareness. “Oh look, Sally just posted a photo of her and her colleagues of “A Company” on Facebook, let me check out what that company is all about.” You all know that’s not the exact way it happens, but you get the idea.


  • Virtual reality (computer-generated simulation) and augmented reality (superimposing an image on user’s view of the real world) are making their way to the meeting and event industry. One way you will see these types of “altered” reality will be in the form of venue promotion. Venues are using this new technology in one of two ways. The first is utilizing a 360-degree, high definition camera to film the venue space and then upload the video to YouTube. This will allow potential customers to get a better idea of the space without actually having to go on property for a site tour. The second way this technology will start to make its way into the industry is with VR headsets. Viewers will be able to experience a venue in altering forms of décor and set-up with the headset which makes viewing a venue a lot more “real” because most of the time you’re only seeing the venue in the way it is set for that particular day.


  • Another way VR is making its way into your events will be in the form of stations where users will put on a headset for a VR experience. Watch out photo booths, virtual reality is moving in!


  • Data analytics have been used in the past, however they will play an even bigger role in company insight throughout the rest of 2017. Twitter Analytics, along with Facebook and Instagram Insights gives a company the ability to understand their online audience on their social media pages. It also allows companies to direct their marketing efforts in a more focused way, based on the interest of specific online marketing.


The next topic of change for 2017 comes in the form of: Sustainability in Venue and Catering

  • “Going green” will play an even larger role in venue and catering selection this year. With health consciousness on the rise, you might have to increase your catering budget. Gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and organic foods are not cheap, but they are becoming increasingly desired by consumers.


  • Along with food and beverage, the physical venue’s sustainability may also be more seriously considered than in the past. Companies want to support LEED venues with high efficiency energy solutions and eco-friendly environmental design.


Of course, the future of events will change and adapt to the current world and economy, however 2017 seems to have some of the biggest changes we have seen to date. Don’t be afraid to try out some of these new trends that are becoming increasingly popular. Dare to try something new. Who knows, maybe these 2017 trends will be the norm in a few years.